Eileen Brodaski

Printmaker and lover of crafts

About Me

A local chicago printmaker, raising my kids in Lincoln Square, I am the founder of Ainslie Street Prints. I am passionate about my community and about using art as a practice to dive deeper and process my world. Mainly creating silkscreens and linocuts I make a mix of one of a kind art pieces as well as editioned prints.

I love all kinds of craft as it makes me feel connected to all the women before me trying to find a way to express themselves and create beauty in this world any way they can.

I have carved out a space to create and work through my ideas and I hope it inspires you to take a closer look.

Thumb Wars

A series inspired by handholding:

A reflection on motherhood, daughterhood and relationships.

"Thumb Wars " (2023)

- One-woman exhibit at The Eco Extension

Thumb Wars

Little Moments $75

Thumb War $50

Vision Blurred $50

New Work

Icon $60

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2449 W. Ainslie Street

Chicago, IL 60625